How to Make Your Printer Ink Last Longer

One of the biggest costs that you may grapple with in your business is shelling out lots of cash for the printer toners and cartridges. If you have a service contract with a reliable printer repairs Sydney service, there are lots of ways in which you can save on your HP printers services if you negotiate a good service contract. Without the service contract, you will have to take the responsibility of closely monitoring the printer usage and working out ways of saving on the printer ink cartridges. This only requires that you employ some cost-saving best practices when it comes to printer usage that will help you save money. Some of these include the following:

Change Your Printer Settings

For large companies that must observe strict quality when it comes to printing materials, getting an HP printer service would be the best option to manage your print needs. You can subsequently manage the costs within the printer service contract. For the small businesses that are very cost conscious and which can live with a little step down in the quality of print, the best way forward is to apply some simple tips and tricks such as changing your printer settings.

It is important to note that your printer has been designed to keep you buying the ink on a regular basis. The default settings consume a lot of ink as they allow you to print out the best quality possible. You will, as a result, use your ink rapidly. If you can afford to step down the quality a little bit, then you can change the default settings of your printers so that they consume less ink.

Ignore Out of Ink Warnings

This is not the most recommended step but sometimes, these warnings are fake and may be due to some faulty printer settings. It has been shown through empirical research that your printers may begin issuing this warning even when your ink level is at 45%. It is important to leave this for some time in order to understand your unique printer settings. Does your printer really “mean it” when it is showing you are low on ink? Visit Global Office Machines for details.

Better Cost-Friendly Editing

You can also save on your ink by editing your text sparingly.  Through proper print selection and careful editing of text, it will be possible for you to limit the ink waste. You could reduce the number of pages that you plan to print, use smaller fonts, use the Print Preview option in order to view what you are planning to print and ensure that extra pages which you do not require are not going to the printer.

Check for Clogs

If your cartridge is not printing properly, it is not just that it is low on ink. This could also be due to clogs in the ink cartridges. Before you contract printer repairs Sydney service, ensure that the clogged printer nozzles are not the culprits for the poor quality of print. You can remove the cartridge from the printer and then use a damp towel to wipe off its bottom. After this, you can reinstall the cartridge and begin printing once more.

If you are running a small business, there are plenty of ways in which you can make these small savings. For large businesses with a large number of machines, this would be impractical. It would be advisable to enter into maintenance contracts with the printer repairs Sydney has or photocopier repairs services that can streamline the expenditure of resources and still deliver top notch service. Visit them online at

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